How DVM Began

D’Artagnan Spradley got his start in roofing at the young age of 20. After starting in a sales position for a roofing company, D’Artagnan quickly learned the ins and outs of the business and rose to a management position. Once he became a manager, he never looked back. D’Artagnan became increasingly interested in the production and business side of roofing, in addition to the sales side he had started in. After a couple of years in the Sales Management position, D’Artagnan accepted a General Management position for another roofing company. He used this time to begin to familiarize himself with the production and financial sides of the roofing business. During his years working under other roofing companies, D’Artagnan built relationships with local contractors, suppliers, and began to branch out to build partnerships with other local companies. He also recruited, hired, and trained the top sales men in both roofing companies he signed on with, and boosted his own reputation for high quality sales and service. Soon, he knew he was capable of launching his own business, with a vision of a high-quality, exceedingly excellent customer service company that embraces his home state of Texas and caters to its very own residents! Thus, DVM Roofing & Construction was launched in 2016 to bring fellow Texans a better roof, better quality, better home. 

Why DVM?

DVM Roofing & Construction’s owner, D’Artagnan Spradley, has built up years of experience working under other roofing companies and learning the ins and outs of the business. DVM Roofing & Construction’s contractors are trained to have knowledge in various styles, materials and processes for replacing and/or repairing your roof! All of DVM’s employees or subcontractors are upheld to a high standard of quality in the production of each roof and the customer service provided to each customer. Let our contractors answer any of your questions and help you through the insurance and replacement process, and you can be sure and know that they will be honest, efficient, and provide nothing less than the best! 

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