Will I Have to Pay for It?

Yes and no. Insurance companies can sometimes pay up to 100% of the roof depending on the policy and the company. You will also have to pay your deductible depending on whichever insurance premium you chose when purchasing your home. DVM Roofing & Construction’s goal is to have the insurance companies pay for as much as the roof as possible, but each replacement scenario is different. 

Will My Insurance Rates Go Up if I File a Claim?

In the state of Texas, there are laws and legislations in place to prevent insurance companies from raising insurance rates over claims that are caused by an “Act of God.” However, if an insurance company deems a certain area high-risk due to a bad weather history, then your rates may be raised ONLY if the company decides to raise rates for your entire neighborhood. 

Will an Estimate be Provided?

When a claim is filed, an insurance adjustor comes out and evaluates the damage. If an insurance adjustor approves the roof, then they have a specific software that calculates the fair market value in your area. DVM Roofing & Construction does not provide its own estimate for your home UNLESS you opt out of using your insurance provider. Instead, we go entirely based off of the quote provided by your insurance company and work within that range. 

Will a DVM R&C​ Rep Need to Meet with My Adjustor?

Yes. Insurance adjustors are often overworked and overloaded every day. They are usually trying to get in and out of every home as fast as possible. This means that sometimes things can be overlooked or go unnoticed, unless they have someone there that can take the time to point certain things out and ensure your roof undergoes a fair evaluation. Part of DVM R&C Representatives’ jobs are to not only work with you to provide a new roof, but also to work with the adjustors on your behalf. 

I Know I Have Roof Damage, But is it Necessary to Get it Replaced Now?

It is highly suggested that if you know you have roof damage, no matter how insignificant it may seem, that you file a claim right away. You only have a limited time before your insurance company has the right to deny your claim due to untimeliness or “neglect.” Report any damage you notice right away to avoid having to pay entirely out of pocket! 

Why Can't I See Any Roof Damage?

Sometimes not all damage is visible from the ground. Our representatives are trained on how to look for damage and what types of damage to look for on and off the roof. Even if you see all of your shingles are still on the roof, they may have significant damage caused by hail and/or heavy wind. Our contractors are here for you 100% and know how to handle your roof. By letting us inspect it with a professional opinion, you can rest assured we will be open, sincere and direct regarding any damage you may have. 

Can I Wait to Report My Roof Damage?

No, it is best that you report any and all damage right away. If you wait, there is a larger chance of leaking, holes, or other extensive damages to your roof. Our inspectors are here for you! DVM Roofing & Construction does not only exist to simply replace heavily damaged roofs, but also to maintain and upkeep any slightly damaged roofs and prevent them from growing worse. Feel free to contact us to find out if your roof qualifies for replacement! 

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